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2 Surface Hub 2 Pens• Contents• If your meeting includes Teams or Skype, the call will start as well. Run your essential apps to collaborate in real time Make any place teamwork space Find the right fit for every team. References• 5 mm border, anti-glare, IPS LCD Processor Quad-core 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD 1 Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620 Wireless Wi-Fi 5 IEEE 802. Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub 1• Mounting dimensions If using other non-Steelcase mounting options, you will need spacers to account for the compute enclosure on the back of the device. 6 minutes to read• To optimize for efficiency, Surface Hub uses smart sensors to turn off the LED screen when presence is no longer detected, which means there is no need to power it down at the end of the day. The camera produces video at 2160p 4K resolution at 30 fps with anti-flicker and face based auto exposure. m-hyperlink-group-content-placement section a, [data-ocms-id]. 2 minutes to read• Slide inner packaging off pallet. When it's time for your meeting, simply walk up to the Surface Hub, and with just one touch you're in the meeting. Bluetooth devices are paired through Settings. We support organizations globally to strategize, design, deploy, and support their Microsoft solutions and ensure business objectives are achieved. HDMI Video input• The 16:9 display is similar to the original Surface Hub, and Windows 10 Team is installed by default. Be sure to lift the Surface Hub with both hands and support the bottom of the device. Bluetooth Wireless 5. Always use at least two people for unpacking and installation. Select Your Surface to see your Surface Hub's device name, serial number, model, as well as UEFI and driver versions. Like the first generation , the Hub 2S can be wall-mounted or roller-stand-mounted. Very often an end of life product will be replaced with a newer version. 4 Any room can be a meeting space for your teams. Resolution: 3840 x 2560• 92" 1,210 mm x 937 mm x 252 mm Weight 61. Now you can connect and collaborate with your colleagues wherever they are. USB-A• In the box for your mounting solution you'll find mounting hardware along with specific instructions. Warning Proper installation To avoid hazards related to improper device installation, installation must be performed by people who have read and understand the installation instruction prior to beginning work. Full band 8-element MEMS microphone array• In this article The 85" version of the Surface Hub family brings the Surface Hub 2S experience to spaces requiring a larger screen such as conference rooms, board rooms, or larger huddle spaces. 4 the Windows OS options on Surface Hub 2S. Mini-DisplayPort video output• For special business and education institution pricing, or to learn more about this device, call 866-425-4709, Monday-Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT. Collaborate with other team members on other Surface Hubs, Windows 10 PCs, Android or iOS devices real-time with Microsoft Whiteboard, Microsoft 365 apps, 1 and project and share content seamlessly with Miracast wireless projection. So that wraps up our look at three different ways to use Microsoft Teams on Surface Hub 2S. Everyone can participate with a Microsoft Teams-certified mic array and 4K camera. Follow any further instructions that came with your mounting solution. 1 Surface Hub 2 Pen• Or, dial the phone number of the person you want to add. The glass can break if the device is dropped or receives a significant impact. Partner Partner• Color: Platinum• If you're setting up the meeting in Outlook, be sure to set it up as a Teams meeting. Miracast Display Exterior• Select Present screen. 1 General Built-in Devices Occupancy sensor Color Platinum Localization Region: Canada, United States Product Form Factor Touch surface Sensors Accelerometer, gyro sensor Type Interactive whiteboard Graphics Controller Graphics Processor Intel UHD Graphics 620 Hard Drive Capacity 1 x 128 GB Type SSD - M. Select Show participants. Other Other• 0 inches 741 x 1097 x 76 mm Weight 61. Remove black center foam support. Full band 8-element MEMS microphone array• Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub 1• Color: Platinum• Earlier we talked about photos of physical whiteboards. You can even group your notes into stacks to help categorize your ideas. Is it too heavy or too awkward? You'll see the familiar Teams icons. There's so much more to explore in Microsoft Whiteboard and it's great on Surface Hub 2S so we hope you check it out. Designed for group collaboration. Windows 10 Team Edition 4• Keep the feet about shoulder width apart. Inner wood frame end piece has nylon skid plates. Casing: Precision machined aluminum with mineral-composite resin• Plan ahead. Be sure to check out our newly released and on Microsoft Docs. Before moving the device to the place where it will be installed, survey the site to determine how to safely move it to the location where it will be unpacked and mounted. Care must be taken care with the top hand not to grasp the device where the speakers are located. Software [ ] The Surface Hub runs Windows 10 Team with both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub preinstalled. To reduce the risk of personal injury, death, or damage to the device due to its size and weight, it is important to keep the device upright. Microsoft Whiteboard• Slide out of elevator• We've designed the box for the surface Hub 2 to be easy to maneuver and transport. Once you've completed signing in, the meeting carousel displays all of your Teams meetings and you can simply tap the one you'd like to join on the Surface Hub. All Microsoft• Designed for group collaboration. Additional accessories sold separately. Here you can turn your camera on, mute your audio, and share your Surface Hub screens so that everyone in the meeting can see what you're looking at. Note: Some products might not be available in your country or region. Rotate on beveled end of inner frame and slide into the elevator. It's time to unbox your new surface Hub 2S. System software and updates use significant storage space. Select Battery level to see the battery health of your connected bluetooth devices. Now you can enjoy the seamless inking experience of the Surface Hub 2 Pen. Only use the mounting hardware provided with mounting the system. The device is available only in 50 inches 130 cm with a with and multi-pen capabilities, running the operating system. General Information Category Boards Description Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 50" - Touch surface - 1 x Core i5 - RAM 8 GB - SSD 128 GB - UHD Graphics 620 - GigE - WLAN: 802. Cut four 4 plastic straps. Wi-Fi 5: IEEE 802. You can use the Surface App on Surface Hub 2S to adjust your Surface Hub 2 Pen pressure, see the battery health of connected bluetooth accessories, and see info about your device like its name and serial number. You'll also find the Surface Hub 2 Pen, Surface Hub 2 Camera, and the power cable. Remote or in the same space, from a personal office to the conference room, Surface Hub 2S can bring people together wherever they work. To reduce the risk of lifting-related injuries, death, or damage to the device, we recommend that a minimum of two or more people lift the device. Configurable to Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise 4• All EOL dates are estimated and are subject to change. Unboxing video• Insert the power cable into the back of the device and plug it into a power outlet. 5 System software and updates use significant storage space. Please contact your SHI Sales Team for more information on this or other EOL products. Move from the first idea to the finished product without missing a beat. [1] System software and updates use significant storage space. You can switch the Microsoft Teams panel to the other side of the Hub with one tap. Center your body over the unit. Using beveled end, rotate back onto pallet. There are also some tools to help you structure your content - the ruler to assist you in drawing straight lines. In settings you can turn on ink to shape and ink the table. Lift the Hub 2S from the lower tray and place on cart or wall mount. To learn more about managing power settings, see:• For great meeting and collaboration experiences in shared spaces, Surface Hub 2S comes with Windows 10 Team. In Microsoft Whiteboard, you can add notes, change the color, and either type or ink on them and the content will move with the note. The optional APC battery allows collaboration to continue, even when your meeting room reservation is over. Microsoft Office Mobile• 100Hz - 12KHz range 3-way stereo speakers, including 4 front-facing mid-range, 2 front-facing tweeter and 1 rear bass drivers• Ensure the proposed mounting system will support the weight of this device. Emerging Technologies Emerging Technologies• Available in 50'' and 85'' display. How you meet is up to you—you can dive right into Microsoft Whiteboard and start drawing out your ideas, open up your recent files to see them on the big screen and get real-time feedback from your team, and start a call with Teams or Skype. The device is very heavy. Note locations for placement of pens x2 , camera, and power cord. Once the device is unpacked, it should be mounted immediately, so the mounting system should be in place before unpacking. Streamline your group workflow through enhanced collaboration features like multi-user sign-in to simultaneously access and save content to the cloud. 1 Surface Hub 2S• Follow all instructions provided by the cart or wall mount manufacturer. Now you're ready to unwrap your Surface Hub 2 Pen and attach it magnetically to your preferred side of the device. Lift with your legs, not your back. 1 technology• Casing: Precision machined aluminum with mineral-composite resin• Select Share. The OS blocks all drivers except validated inbox drivers and uses system-level policies based on AppLocker to prevent malicious code execution. Windows 10 Team Edition 4• USB-A• Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Pen active• With Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub, you have great calling and meeting capabilities. Doppler occupancy sensor• Remove and recycle outer cover. 0 technology• Run Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Ever since we released surface Hub, customers have sometimes asked me if they could install the standard Windows 10 OS and use Hub just like any PC. Accelerometer• You can now install them in place and remove the label. Remove bump label from back. Weight without device : 7 pounds. To stop presenting without hanging up, select Stop presenting. And if you're worried some of the ink isn't clear, you can select it and use the same icon as before to make it more legible thanks to the ink beautification feature. HDMI Video Input• lang;if ["ar-eg","pt-br","tr-tr","se-se","es-es","de-de"]. You can invite your colleagues to contribute to the whiteboard and they can add to it at anytime from anywhere on multiple devices from phones, to tablets, to laptops. ","window","document","location","deferExec! 0 technology• Additional strapping materials are provided in the small box located under the hand screw knobs on the back side of the package. Windows 10 Team Edition 2• No whiteboard would be complete without sticky notes. 1;Ethernet;Fast Ethernet;Gigabit Ethernet;IEEE 802. Move pallet assembly to elevator location. 46 A Input Power, standby 5 W max Note 1 System software uses significant storage space. Now when you draw a shape, Whiteboard will perfect it for you. attr "style","display:block" ;n 'body. m-hyperlink-group-content-placement section". Surface Hub 2S 85" tech specs Component Description Dimensions 44. A product going end of life does not necessarily mean it is not being sold any longer, and EOL means different things to different manufacturers. Search Search Microsoft. 1 technology Miracast display Connections USB-A Mini-DisplayPort 1. Mini-DisplayPort Video Output• Remote colleagues are in the room in life-sized video. Remove black corner foam pieces 4. And exclusive to Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, you can use the for secure multifactor biometric sign-on with Windows Hello. Installing gives you the flexibility to customize Surface Hub with your favorite win32 apps. This article relies largely or entirely on a. Accelerometer• Consistent Surface Hub 2S experience. Remove lid and then lift and remove front and back panels. 2 Surface Hub 2 Pen• Microsoft's Limited Warranty is in addition to your consumer law rights. 4m AC Power Cable• Do not release the device until you are certain device is fully engaged with mounting system attachment points. 3m AC Power Cable• This larger device brings the same amazing Surface Hub 2S experience to spaces requiring a larger screen such as conference rooms, board rooms, or larger huddle spaces. Select People at the bottom of the Skype pane, then Add. Caution Touch-screen glass The touch screen on the device, like most touch screens, is made of glass. Once you've removed them, lift the top off the box using the handles to reveal your Surface Hub. RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet• In this article This article provides supporting guidance for physically installing Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85" in commercial environments. Aspect ratio: 3:2• Take team brainstorms to the next level with Microsoft Whiteboard on Surface Hub 2S. The result is a fully locked-down operating system that only allows certified drivers and Windows store apps to run. Decide if you need lifting aid. Check your environment for obstructions and slippery surfaces. Microsoft Office Mobile• Let's say that you needed to insert an additional step into this flow diagram, you can use the lasso tool by holding down on the button on the Surface Hub 2 Pen select multiple items and then move them to create space for the new step. First, if you have some work to do with a colleague and spontaneously want to use an available Surface Hub, you can start an ad hoc meeting. The Hub's welcome screen has three buttons — Call Microsoft Teams , Whiteboard Microsoft Whiteboard and Connect Miracast. Well now you can on both Hub 2S 50" and the 85" model. 10-bit color• Remove the lens cling from the camera and attach it to the USB-C port on the top of the surface Hub. Microsoft Office Mobile• Determine if you can lift the unit. Remove black outer packaging foam• For a personal desktop experience, configure your Surface Hub 2S with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise. If the unit is installed in a 24-hour workplace environment, the sensors can be disabled to comply with the 18 hour per day maximum use recommendation. This is the kind of inclusive meeting experience that encourages people to work together, share ideas, and move projects forward. m-content-placement section a, [data-ocms-id]. Finally, there may be times when you have a Teams meeting but didn't invite a Surface Hub. Deploying and managing Surface Hub IT admins can take advantage of extended device policies for more granular management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager or your preferred MDM solution. Features [ ] Hardware [ ] Surface Hub 2S uses the 8th-generation Intel Core Kaby Lake Core i5 processor and run the 64-bit version of Windows 10. Lock wheel brakes x4. Keep your torso straight; do not twist while lifting or after the load is lifted Warning Proper mounting The device is heavy and attaches to a cart or wall mount. 0 inches 76 mm depth Mass 61. In Settings, you have the ability to customize the background of your canvas, including different line options and colors. Add someone to a call on Surface Hub Here's how to add someone to a call using Teams:• 0 technology• Enter the name or email address of the person you want to add, or dial their number. Rotate frame to fit elevator• Remove from elevator• Relevant discussion may be found on the. 1 Surface Hub 2S• Tip When grasping the Hub 2S, note the hand hold cut outs in the lower foam. Move product to location of wall or cart mount. Microsoft Whiteboard• And with the Microsoft store, device admins can choose from an expanding ecosystem of certified apps for Surface Hub. Casing: Precision machined aluminum with mineral-composite resin• Surface Hub 2S integrates with Microsoft Teams-certified peripherals and Microsoft Teams Rooms systems. RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet• Full band 8-element MEMS microphone array• 4m AC Power Cable• Microsoft Whiteboard is an endless canvas for people to work together in person or remotely across multiple devices. This is game-changing for teamwork. Slide inner packaging off pallet. Combines with Microsoft Teams certified peripherals and integrates with Microsoft Teams Rooms. Full range front facing 3-way stereo speakers• Place Surface Hub 85" on Wall Mount or Cart• Designed for easy installation on drywall, with no additional support brackets. Have an ad-hoc meeting If there are no scheduled meetings listed on the welcome screen, the Surface Hub is free to use—just sign in and start working. To reduce the risk of injury, death, or damage to the device:• It also supports the Surface Slim Pen and the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard, which are sold separately. Note that prolonged display of a video signal may cause burned-in or image retention to occur on the screen. Important Before proceeding, review the additional safety information listed in below. Much more than a giant canvas, Surface Hub makes it possible for remote team members to contribute their ideas to a virtually shared whiteboard. On the back of the Surface Hub, there's an instructional label showing you where to attach the mounting hardware.。 。


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